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NOVEMBER 24-30, 2014

"The Circus in Winter" was first developed as a musical as a class project at Ball State University in 2010. It since has evolved into a professional production at one of the nation’s leading regional theaters. Lou Harry explains what has to happen next for it to debut on Broadway. Also this week, Scott Olson delves into a $33 million lawsuit between Orange Leaf and a local franchisee of the fro-yo shops. And in Focuis, J.K. Wall details the unorthodox way Hillenbrand Inc. encourages its workers to lose weight.  

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Ball State-birthed musical aims for Broadway

If the team behind “The Circus in Winter” has its way (and if enough money can be raised and script kinks worked out), the Ball State University-incubated musical might be the first Tony award winner conceived as a collaborative class project.

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Pacers hire Maine firm to hunt for national sponsors

The Indiana Pacers recently signed a deal with Portland, Maine-based Shamrock Sports & Entertainment to help the team land blue-chip national sponsors in nine categories. The primary focus of Shamrock’s hunt will be outside central Indiana. The 18-month agreement signed earlier this fall marks the first time the team has signed with an outside sponsorship […]

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Lawmakers earn citizens’ contempt

I found much to agree with in Sheila Suess Kennedy’s Nov. 15 column “A culture of contempt.” Voter turnout, particularly in midterm elections, is embarrassingly low, partisan rhetoric supersedes intelligent discussion of the issues impacting voters and there is a dearth of truly engaging candidates.

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