Indianapolis Business Journal

Oct. 26-Nov. 1, 2018

Indiana University Health Physicians has its sights on acquiring Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine, adding to its huge physician network. But the neurosurgical firm is fiercely independent and so far is holding out, John Russell reports. Also this week, politics reporter Lindsey Erdody examines whether the "blue wave" that Democrats are hoping for on Election Day is likely to become a reality in Indiana. In addition, Sam Stall profiles Frank Basile, winner of the 2018 Michael A. Carroll Award.

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MacAllister column should be required reading

P.E. MacAllister’s account of the city’s revival [A centenarian’s take on the rebirth of Indianapolis, Oct. 19] is well taken in every respect, and ought to be required reading for business, professional and all other transplants that came here during and after the 1950s. __________ Gordon Wishard

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