Indianapolis Business Journal

OCTOBER 23-29, 2017

Trucking giant Celadon is in retreat—canceling its $28 million headquarters in Mount Comfort, selling off its flatbed unit, and outsourcing its driver schools—so it can refocus on its core business just as the industry is expected to boom. Susan Orr explains what’s behind the retrenchment. Also in this week’s issue, Hayleigh Colombo reports the shocking findings of a Sagamore Institute study showing the poverty rate in Marion County nearly doubled over 15 years. And Lindsey Erdody attempts to straighten out the confusion over city boundaries in the northern suburbs.<

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Guaranty Building magnet for tech firms

Salesforce has left for its namesake tower across the Circle as part of a big downtown expansion, but the nearly emptied Guaranty is making a quick comeback and attracting prized tenants.

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IU Health gets new imaging machine

The machine, manufactured by Germany-based Siemens, will be used at IU Health’s Neuroscience Center at 16th Street and Capitol Avenue, primarily for oncology and neuroscience patients.

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Caine wins Watanabe award

Caine Dr. Virginia Caine, director of the Marion County Health Department, has been named Watanabe Life Sciences Champion of the Year, an honor named after the late Dr. August Watanabe, former chairman of BioCrossroads, an Indianapolis-based life-sciences organization that presents the award. Caine was honored for advocating for better health care and leading efforts to […]

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BOSMA: Tax reformers should look to Indiana

In the early 2000s, Indiana was at the bottom of almost every economic outlook index. Partnering with three successive governors—Mitch Daniels, Mike Pence and current-Gov. Eric Holcomb—legislative leaders worked across the aisle to enact sweeping reforms.

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LETTER: Protest column off target

The NFL and its players should not forget those tireless citizens who are still able to look at life through a color-blind prism and save lives on a monumental scale every day without a protest.

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LETTER: Launch has sparked growth

Launch Fishers has achieved national acclaim because of the investment, resourcefulness and perseverance provided by John Wechsler, Mayor Fadness and the city. 

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