Indianapolis Business Journal

SEPT. 2-8, 2022

The owner of the Indy Eleven soccer team says he’s confident his plans for a new stadium downtown won’t hinge on asking for more state tax dollars than he already has been promised. But, as Mickey Shuey reports, the potential cost of the project has increased since the Legislature agreed three years ago to help fund it. Also in this week’s issue, Peter Blanchard reports on an effort from mayors in central Indiana to receive what they think is a more equitable amount of state funding for roadwork. And Taylor Wooten reports that the Hoosier Environmental Council has joined some west Indianapolis residents in opposing a proposed wastewater treatment plant.

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Letters: Money spent on rapid-transit buses is wasted

How much asphalt is under-utilized by buses running empty miles on dedicated bus lanes? Ask the contractors who put in the asphalt or the climate warriors who never speak of this massive waste of heat-reflecting asphalt (asphalt is a byproduct of fossil fuels, to boot).

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