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SEPT. 27-OCT. 3, 2010

This week, see how the property-tax caps intended to help Indiana homeowners has affected owners of rental properties and second homes. In Focus, check out how old schools are getting new lives. And in the Meeting & Event Planning Guide, meet the team responsible to hosting the 2012 Super Bowl. And when you're reading about the early success of the JW Marriott, check out photos shot inside the hotel that doesn't open until February.

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Indiana slow to accept federal stimulus help

Under political pressure, Gov. Mitch Daniels’ administration has come late to the federal stimulus funds game. At best, the state will recover $24 million in reimbursements for money spent by not-for-profit agencies on services to the poor.

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Instability takes toll at WRTV

WRTV-TV Channel 6’s viewer ratings remain mired in third place during most newscasts after years of anchor turnover. The station has a lot of work to do to re-establish the strong identity it had in the 1990s.

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Tax caps spread relief around

Property tax caps—promoted as a way to relieve homeowners from skyrocketing property tax bills—have provided much more relief to a different group of taxpayers. Owners of rental properties and second homes got the lion’s share of assistance from the caps.

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Building binge hasn’t crimped hospital profits

Indianapolis-area hospitals spent billions on construction in the past decade and increasingly tried to poach patients from one another’s territories. Yet last year—one of the worst economically in recent history—21 of 26 hospitals still were able to show operating profits.

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Parking meter deal is boon for city

The proposed parking transaction with ACS is another example of the mayor streamlining government, maximizing the value of existing assets, and securing millions of dollars for infrastructure improvements.

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NFL lockout risky

I hope NFL owners and players take into account, while contemplating a lockout, the effect on the fans.

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