MAURER: Even CEOs need mentors

To create a disciplined investment strategy, I developed “The Ten Essential Principles of Entrepreneurship You Didn’t
Learn in School.” Over the course of 10 columns, I will feature each of
these essential principles. This is the third installment.

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MAURER: Exercise your creative muscle

Creativity, like muscle tone, must be exercised if one is to increase it. We need to seize opportunities to think creatively. Challenging riddles like the one above interrupt the normal routine and rev up our brains.

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HARTON: Escape your ‘information cocoon’

The information age is almost always spoken of in glowing terms. Information is empowering,
so we’re told, even if it comes from a cave in the Middle East or a basement down the block or a corporate media machine
that needs something—anything—to fill the gaps between the advertising on a 24-hour news channel.

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