DIETER: ‘Pro-life’ GOP cares little for the lives of innocents

Republicans cynically added provisions to the appropriations bill to relax regulations on pesticides; increase the legal maximum hours that drivers of big-rig trucks can spend on the road; and, most astounding and ironic, cut government funding of birth control services offered by Planned Parenthood.

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Trump’s rise should prompt GOP to look in mirror

For decades, Republican leaders—desperate to boost dwindling numbers as old white men die and minority populations grow—have embraced anyone who would have them, from corporate CEOs to white supremacists, gun enthusiasts to evangelicals, anti-abortion activists to warmongers.

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DIETER: The GOP field: Is this the best a major party can offer?

It’s hard not to feel sorry for the many Republicans who care about their communities and country, not their neighbor’s bedroom behavior; seek elected officials to represent constituents, not plutocrats; and recognize their good fortune and do not wish to deny others.

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