Indianapolis Business Journal

APRIL 3-9, 2017

Here's a little-known fact: The city of Indianapolis has an ownership stake in two of downtown's most luxurious hotels and has received nearly $1.2 million so far from one of the investments. What’s the holdup with the other? Scott Olson has the story. Also in this week’s paper, Hayleigh Colombo reveals early results from the On My Way Pre-K program—as legislators argue over funding increases. And in A&E Etc., Mike Lopresti weighs in on IU’s new hire for basketball coach.

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Tech groups ally for venture capital event

Some of Indiana’s most acclaimed technology and entrepreneurial events are joining forces for a multi-day June conference, an effort aimed at boosting venture capital in a state that struggles to draw it.

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Bad choice of metaphor

We appreciate the observations in the editorial about the VA’s cemetery plan that Indianapolis’ deficiency in park land is well documented [“Park a good use for Crown Hill site,” March 20]. A minor quibble: “… come out of the woodwork” seems like a derogatory metaphor. At least you didn’t refer to environmentalists in that way. (In fact, you didn’t […]

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LETTER: VA to consider other sites

We continue to operate in good faith, as we seek to balance our mission to serve veterans, our responsibility to the American taxpayer, and our sincere desire to engage cooperatively and collaboratively with the community.

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