Indianapolis Business Journal

AUGUST 14-20, 2017

A growing number of colleges are defying old norms about selling alcohol at sporting events and are using booze to help fund athletics. Anthony Schoettle reports that Purdue is taking the plunge, and other Indiana schools likely will be tempted. Also in this week’s issue, Lindsey Erdody follows Fisher Mayor Scott Fadness for a day to get a sense of the political up-and-comer’s leadership style. And in A&E Etc., Lou Harry reviews 13 new food offerings at the Indiana State Fair.

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THOMAS: Life in a divided city

How could people in the divided city of Aleppo, Syria, live such different lives? I couldn’t imagine it—until I considered ways our city is divided.

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LETTER: Stadium story underplays costs

Of all the numbers listed in your article about Lucas Oil Stadium [At a crossroads? July 24], you did not mention what the annual payments and debt service dollars are that the city must continue to pay for the stadium. Nor did you mention how much the city still owes on the Hoosier Dome (yes, the […]

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