Indianapolis Business Journal

JANUARY 18-24, 2016

Finish Line has shot itself in the foot multiple times over the last several years with management blunders. The athletic clothier just hired a new CEO from within, and is looking to fill at least two other leadership spots. Scott Olson reports on skepticism surrounding the potential for a turnaround. Also in this week’s issue, Jared Council relays evidence that Indiana-based banks have cleaned up their portfolios. And in A&E Etc., Mike Lopresti profiles former Butler standout Zach Hahn as he enters coaching and tries to emulate Brad Stevens.

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HOGSETT: Let’s not let partisanship poison Indy

Political operatives have become skilled at discerning what voters want, but this has caused our elected representatives to forget that our system sometimes requires they do more than merely mirror the most vocal of their electorate and conduct themselves accordingly.

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Time to shut off Dan Carpenter’s drivel

I found his comments about two people he saw in a Broad Ripple restaurant that he designated as “Tea Party voters” that he described as “two fleshy white guys with their ball caps and baggy shorts and piled plates at the next table … open-carry warriors and pure haters of all things Obama and ‘foreign’” as offensive! 

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Don’t forget the ‘T’ in LGBT

If Pence falls into the trap of thinking SB100 adequately addresses LGBT protections, then Indiana businesses should expect the same nationwide response we received to RFRA.

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