Indianapolis Business Journal

JULY 31-AUG. 6, 2017

The quality-of-life amenities that Mayor Jim Brainard has been adding in Carmel have dramatically increased the city's debt. Lindsey Erdody assesses the debt load. Also in this issue, Scott Olson profiles the new owners of the Safeway grocery chain, and Hayleigh Colombo looks at the explosion in vaping manufacturers since the General Assembly revamped the law governing the industry.

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EDITORIAL: Health care debate needs sanity

What we need is reasoned debate by smart people willing to put politics aside to find answers—probably answers that no one will find wholly satisfying but could become the basis of a health care system that is fair and affordable and can change with technology and innovation that is constantly evolving.

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MADDOX: Trump’s greatest legacy will be the courts

Despite amateur hour in the White House, Trump’s greatest legacy will be the conservative men and women he appoints to the federal courts. This is ironic given that, for most of his life, Trump was a Democrat and has acknowledged not having a strong ideological foundation for his political positions.

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