Indianapolis Business Journal

JUNE 22-28, 2018

IndyGo officials are expected to back off plans to purchase electric buses this year as part of a long-term effort to replace the mass-transit system’s older diesel fleet, saying electric-vehicle technology is not yet good enough to meet its needs. Susan Orr explains what’s behind the reversal. Also in this issue, Scott Olson fleshes out the surge in development activity on downtown’s once-forgotten south side while Samm Quinn outlines the blossoming variety in new home styles in Noblesville. And in the latest edition of Forefront, three columnists weigh in on the Indiana GOP’s battle over its definition of marriage.

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Trust police to enforce laws

Regarding Marshawn Wolley’s recent column [We’re facing a crisis in our criminal justice system, Forefront, June 8], any loss of life regardless of color is tragic. However, there is no such thing to police officers as “to get tough on crime.” Their job on a daily basis is to enforce the law and protect and […]

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Don’t ignore hateful rhetoric

I am writing to thank Bill Oesterle and IBJ for calling out the thinly-veiled slurs in the Mike Delph direct-mail campaign communication [Senate campaign piece was anti-Semitic, gay-baiting, May 25]. It is discouraging the extent to which our discourse has been debased over the past two years. Sadly, had such an ignorant message emanated from […]

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