Indianapolis Business Journal

NOVEMBER 17-23, 2014

Failing is good. Failing is necessary. In startup hotbeds across the country, entrepreneurs view failure as a badge of honor and useful tool. This week, Jared Council asks local risk-takers to spill their guts. Also in this issue, J.K. tries to suss out the lesson in the surprisingly low scores for charter schools this year. And in A&E Etc., Lou Harry interviews Hoosier (and winner of “The Voice”) Josh Kaufman about his starring role on Broadway.

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KENNEDY: A culture of contempt

There are plenty of theories about America’s embarrassingly low turnout rates. My own favorite explanation is a bit of snark from a source I can no longer recall: “If God had intended us to vote, He’d have given us candidates.”

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IPS needs more than shrunken boundaries

Dana Hubbard’s [Nov. 3] Viewpoint “Shrink Indianapolis Public Schools to Save It” regarding Unigov and the development of our city’s public school system overlooked the historic formation of the Metropolitan Assembly of School Boards in 1966.

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Hathaway should see the rest of Indiana

As an entire state, women earn only 74 cents for every dollar in male earnings. There is little to no day care or preschool. Fewer than 25 percent of women have completed a bachelor’s degree.

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