Indianapolis Business Journal

OCT. 21-27, 2022

Peter Blanchard reports that state officials are exploring the idea of tapping into the aquifer along the Wabash River in Tippecanoe County to meet the water demands of a new innovation district planned for Boone County. Experts say the concept is feasible, but execution would be very expensive. Also in this week’s issue, Dave Lindquist sheds light on the eclectic music venue and art space Healer that’s beginning to shed its reputation as one of the city’s best-kept secrets. And John Russell explains how the IU School of Medicine is using mouse brains to try to solve the riddle of Alzheimer’s disease.

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Editorial: It’s time to cast your vote

Go to to check your voting status, find out where to vote and see when polling sites will be open in your area. You can even ask for an absentee ballot by mail from the site.

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