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OCT. 29-NOV. 4, 2012

This week, find out what a new report has to say about local government debt in Indiana and read about the role a local attorney played in felling Lance Armstrong. In At Home Quarterly, see how area new-home construction is faring. And in A&E, get Lou Harry's take on a recent road trip to Chicago.

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Indiana manufacturers see momentum vanish

The state lost an estimated 1,400 manufacturing jobs in September, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported, and a wave of layoff announcements in recent weeks suggests steeper declines are coming in the year’s final quarter.

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Church caught up in nightmare after life insurance scheme sours

The Lindberg Road Church of Christ in Anderson has filed for bankruptcy protection because of a failed plan to finance construction on its properties. The plan involved buying life insurance on elderly members, with the intent to sell the policies later on the secondary market.

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MAURER: My stint in public service was a thrill

I lived it. I loved it. I bragged about it—too much. Then I forgot about it. That is until Kelly Nicholl, vice president of marketing for the Indiana Economic Development Corp., asked me to provide a short summary of significant events from my time as president of the IEDC and secretary of commerce.

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AHLRICHS: Turn up the heat on innovation

Indiana is showing the first signs that innovation is becoming part of its brand. On Oct. 26 at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, 500 of Indianapolis’ most impassioned TEDx fans heard ground-breaking thought leaders discuss the challenges, innovations and future of design learning.

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Math illiteracy rampant

Please don’t blame the state’s emphasis on tests for the lack of life skills in mathematics [Meredith column, Oct. 1].

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Drop Rusthoven

Peter Rusthoven’s columns are horrible. There is no business information in them, just conservative Republican dribble.

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Hetrick spins, too

Bruce Hetrick’s Oct. 22 column “Spouting off about the all-too-common art of spin” begins by offering the reader his view on how characters in the Broadway play “The Book of Mormon” are adept at spinning falsehoods in the guise of “helping people.” Hetrick provides spinning of his own, personally reviewing the highly irreverent play as hilarious, pant-wetting entertainment.

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How’s Obama workin’ for ya?

I have avoided writing about any of left-wing author Sheila Kennedy’s opinion pieces because she’s such an easy target. However her [Oct. 22] “Elections have consequence” piece calling Republicans extremist demands a response.

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Vote to restore balance

Three things have modulated the excesses of unfettered American capitalism since the rise of the Progressive Era in the early 20th century: labor unions, government regulations, and the progressive income tax system. It’s no coincidence that the rise of the American middle class followed.

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Roche continues to restructure diabetes unit

Roche officials said last week that price competition and lower reimbursement rates are forcing it to make an unspecified number of cuts in its U.S. sales force and at its research and development hubs in Indianapolis and Germany.

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PROXY CORNER: Shoe Carnival Inc.

Evansville-based Shoe Carnival Inc. operates 345 shoe stores in 32 states and Puerto Rico, in addition to selling through its website,

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