Indianapolis Business Journal

SEPT. 21-27, 2018

The Indianapolis hotel market is booming, with about 2,800 new rooms slated to come online in the next five years. That’s impressive—and perhaps too ambitious. Hayleigh Colombo reports on what current room prices and occupancy rates are telling us about the need for more hotels. Also in this week’s issue, Anthony Schoettle explains how Indianapolis became one of two proving grounds for both AT&T and Verizon’s new 5G service—and why it’s a big deal for a city aggressively pushing its status as a tech hub. And Samm Quinn previews the changes in store for Carmel’s second iteration of its splashy Christkindlmarkt.

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Congress is to blame for Washington’s ills

Mary Beth Schneider’s Forefront column [Amid the White House meltdown, where is Congress? Sept. 14] is what I call an open and honest evaluation of what is happening in Washington. Your analysis pokes holes in a Congress that is letting non-elected officials determine what is right or wrong with our country and have very little […]

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Letter: Transit advocates alarmed by lack of vision

Recent media accounts missed the real story on Fishers and Noblesville’s selfish plan to remove the rail tracks that run all the way to downtown Indianapolis (aka the Nickel Plate Railroad or State Fair train tracks) but uncovered a void in regional transit leadership.

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