RUSTHOVEN: The sky really isn’t falling

If our president is right—and who doubts a word he utters?—writing this is wasting time, as it is scheduled for publication that day after the “sequester” takes effect and life comes to an end. But on the off chance the world survives, let’s soldier on for the fraction of readers who might not always find this column a waste of time.

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RUSTHOVEN: ‘Relevance’ is irrelevant

Among American liberals, coverage of Pope Benedict’s decision to resign and speculation about his successor take a predictable line. The Washington Post’s editorial is typical. The challenge facing the Roman Catholic Church, we are told, is “how to remain relevant to an increasingly secular world and to its own changing membership.” Benedict was a “conservative,” at times “reactionary,” who believed “only uncompromising adherence to past doctrine could preserve the faith.

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RUSTHOVEN: The ‘Hee Haw’ candidate distorts again

John Gregg is at it again. In a gubernatorial campaign marked by dishonest attacks on GOP nominee Mike Pence, Gregg’s newest ad shows him under an umbrella with water running off it. Gregg, speaking in Mr. Folksy mode, tells us Pence wants to spend Indiana’s entire “rainy day” fund. Citing his experience as former Vincennes University president, Mr. Folksy warns this is a bad idea, one more way Pence threatens education.

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