MYERS: No time to rest on our ample laurels

Indianapolis is a long way from reaching its potential. Yes, we have advantages with cost of living (compared to both coasts), and great professional sports franchises and an array of quality cultural institutions like the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra and The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, and many more.

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MYERS: Monitoring health with an iPhone

I did not wait in line to get my new iPhone 5; I ordered it online and it arrived exactly when they said it would. The battery was charged when I got it out of the package, and it took all of about 10 minutes to transfer (using the “cloud”) all of the stuff from my antiquated iPhone 3GS.

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MYERS: Hoping conventions never go out of style

For an actor, actress or movie buff, it is the Academy Awards. For a basketball player and fan, it is March Madness or the NBA Finals. For the swimmer, gymnast, or distance runner and those of us who admire their talents, it is the Olympics.

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