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APRIL 30-MAY 6, 2012

This week, see how cloud computing helped Bluelock see black and read about why the cash-strapped Zionsville schools might turn down state funding. In Focus, we take a look at Indianapolis' sweeping energy project. And Greg Andrews has an update on a beleagured broker in Behind the News.

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Canal Walk popular, but full of opportunities missed

City leaders once envisioned the Canal Walk as a bustling pathway lined with restaurants and shops, but residential and office buildings have sprouted instead on most of the parcels along the meandering 1-1/2-mile stretch–making it more of a local amenity than a visitor attraction.

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Rusthoven too partisan

I find it condescending, crude and highly political that Peter Rusthoven [April 16] must insist on repeatedly referring to the Affordable Care Act as Obamacare.

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What ‘war on women?’

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when reading Sheila Suess Kennedy’s [April 9] screed about the Republican “war on women.”

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PROXY CORNER: Noble Roman’s Inc.

Indianapolis-based Noble Roman’s Inc. is a franchisor of Noble Roman’s Pizza and Tuscano’s Italian Style Subs restaurants. Some outlets are stand-alone, while others are in non-traditional locations, such as universities, convenience stores, travel plazas and military bases.

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