Indianapolis Business Journal

DECEMBER 19-25, 2016

The matriarch of the Patachou family of restaurants is expecting some new arrivals in 2017. Scott Olson has the latest plans from Martha Hoover to create more locations for Public Greens, open a new concept, and move an existing Patachou to another locale. Also in this week’s issue, John Russell has the bracing story of how a small cardiology practice owned by St. Vincent Health started coming apart at the seams, with one doctor accused of abusive outburst and another of overcoding for medical procedures. And in A&E Etc., Lou Harry has the scoop on the best movies of the year.  

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Short-term leases help small firms grow

Certain companies don’t like committing to the usual five-year-or-longer leases, because they’re not comfortable predicting how much space they’ll need that far in the future.

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EDITORIAL: Tackling addiction, mental illness

They are sobering statistics: 85 percent of about 2,500 inmates in Marion County’s jails have substance abuse problems and up to 40 percent are classified as mentally ill. More than 700 prescriptions are distributed to mentally ill inmates every day—that’s right, every day—at a cost of $650,000 per year. And the county spends more than […]

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GIGERICH: Indiana’s talent development conundrum

It is vitally important for public-policy leaders in Indiana to redouble their efforts to support the development of top talent. The state cannot continue to rank in the bottom 20 percent when it comes to educational attainment and industry-recognized credentials.

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ELSENER: Marian tries new tack in teacher prep

Any drive to improve our nation’s schools and education system begins with understanding why people enter collegiate schools of education, why they want to dedicate their lives to be teachers and leaders, and why, in too many cases, teachers decide to leave their profession.

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Trump criticism discredits his many supporters

If I am reading Mary Dieter’s column correctly, because of the deplorables voting for the candidate that was not her candidate, she finds it necessary to pull the “woe is me, I am a woman and that is why I cannot get ahead” act [DIETER: Trump win devalues women, minorities and America, Nov. 21]. Her column […]

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