Indianapolis Business Journal

FEB. 26-MARCH 4, 2021

What if Indianapolis hosted all of March Madness and nobody came? Well, that’s not likely, given that 68 teams will play and the venues have been approved to fill up to 25% of their seats. But local officials want to be conservative about predicting the economic impact—almost certainly to be in the nine figures—due to the unprecedented conditions behind this first-ever hosting effort, Mickey Shuey reports. Likewise, downtown restaurateurs are over the moon about serving an influx of diners, but they’re trying to keep their expectations earthbound, Susan Orr reports. Meanwhile, Indiana legislators are pleasantly surprised they’ve reached the halfway point in their latest session without a major COVID-related disruption, but their precautions haven’t prevented debate and drama. Lindsey Erdody brings us up to speed on the biggest issues, flashpoints and bills of the General Assembly’s session so far.

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Lesley Weidenbener: When debate goes horribly wrong

I don’t know whether the legislation at issue—which addresses school district boundaries—is a good idea. I don’t know whether the Democrats’ description was spot on or was an exaggeration. But I know this: Booing another lawmaker who is making a sincere argument at the podium is never appropriate.

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Letter: Senator’s view is contradictory

If the federal government can be trusted with supervising and enforcing environmental law to protect Indiana’s water, why can’t the Republican Party also trust the federal government with overseeing education?

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Letter: Turn downtown offices into residential space

With downtown residential space supply very limited currently, and with commercial office space experiencing higher than normal vacancy rates (due to both COVID-19 and technological advances), consideration should be given to reusing this space for residential—thus bringing people back downtown on a 24-hour basis.

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