Indianapolis Business Journal

JAN. 31-FEB. 6, 2020

If you suspect your smartphone, tablet or digital personal assist is keeping tabs on you and sharing information with marketers, you're not being paranoid. Anthony Schoettle explains how the digital eavesdropping ecosystem works. Also in this week's issue, Susan Orr reports on Gary Brackett's latest underdog pursuit: producing a movie about his life in football. And Samm Quinn investigates the potential for Indianapolis to reuse the massive electric-car-charging infrastructure that Blue Indy is leaving behind.

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Q&A: Polina Osherov on St’artUp 317

Pattern Indy Editor-in-Chief Polina Osherov sat down with IBJ to talk about the third season of St’artUp 317, a program by the magazine and Indy Chamber that pairs underused first-floor commercial spaces in commercial corridors with artists, creators and producers looking for retail space.

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Christine Scales: Hill discipline recommendation raises race bias concerns

The Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission’s recommendation of a two-year law license suspension without automatic reinstatement for Attorney General Curtis Hill, who is black, stands in stark contrast to the professional disciplinary actions recently recommended and carried out against two white Clark Circuit judges involved in a downtown Indianapolis shooting with two other men after a night of drinking.

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Letter: Solve surprise billing with fairness, common sense

I own a small construction company. In the past five years our health care costs have increased $1.43 per hour; a 30% increase since 2015. For 2020, we were hit with another 10% increase. A company simply cannot absorb those increases and remain competitive.

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