Indianapolis Business Journal

JANUARY 9-15, 2017

Neighbors of the site in Meridian-Kessler where a local developer plans to build a $23 million apartment and retail project are taking legal action to stop it. Scott Olson has details. Also in this week’s issue, Hayleigh Colombo reveals how a legislator proposes to overhaul the controversial state law regarding vaping liquids. And in Focus, Jared Council surveys local money managers about how the new administration and some of the same old global financial issues could affect markets this year.

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Closing IPL’s toxic ponds could cost millions

As IPL ditches coal in favor of natural gas at power plants in Indianapolis and Martinsville, the utility wants to close their coal ash pits, cover the tops with plastic membranes, and top them off with nearly three feet of sand and soil.

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State’s dubious vaping law to get big overhaul

Sen. Randy Head of Logansport said he will file a bill to “stop the monopoly” that was created by legislation passed in 2015 and amended in 2016, which essentially put one private security firm in charge of deciding which firms could manufacture the “juice” used in e-cigarettes sold in Indiana.

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Hamilton County sees jump in visitor spending

Visitors spent nearly $681 million in the county in 2015, with most of the dollars used for food and beverages. That’s a 12 percent boost over 2014, nearly double the increase for the overall metro area.

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EDITORIAL: Ideology shouldn’t trump safety

We’re not sure what’s scarier—that Pence would choose deregulation at the expense of Hoosiers’ safety or that he’s pared state agencies down so far that there isn’t the staff available to handle what are basic duties of government.

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SKIDMORE: Remind the council that transit is essential

This should be a pretty straightforward matter. After all, the council decided in May to let voters have their say regarding a tax to support improved transit, and in November, nearly 60 percent of voters in 79 precincts countywide said yes to the tax.

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Tech expansion is great but Indy must diversify, too

The interview with TechPoint CEO Mike Langellier was a good read [Langellier: Many tech firms would be better off here, Jan. 2]. Being in the tech industry myself working specifically on a team that does internet of things-related platforms, I can attest to the benefits of tech and tech industry. But I want to caution […]

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