Indianapolis Business Journal

JULY 18-24, 2011

This week, see what's getting local chefs out of the kitchen and into the classroom and find out why it's harder for travelers to get from Indianapolis to New York City and other business hubs. In Focus, read about plans for a major upgrade to a troublesome intersection. And in A&E, etc., Style columnist Gabrielle Poshadlo provides a guide to local tailors.

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Baseball column was on the mark

Bill Benner’s [July 4] column “A love lost … ” was great—absolutely the way I remember it, plus the scoring of a double-header on the radio, knowing every batting average, home runs and RBI’s of the all-time greats.

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Selling off the future

Great [Morton] Marcus column in the July 4 issue of the IBJ. What’s happening in this state is extremely unfortunate and shortsighted.

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