Indianapolis Business Journal

JUNE 18-24, 2021

Busey Bank says it has lost more than $100 million in loans to a competitor due to “brazen and systematic poaching" of its employees. Susan Orr has more on Busey’s lawsuits against Flagstar Bank and the 21 employees who allegedly jumped ship. Also in this week’s issue, Mickey Shuey profiles Darrianne Christian, who recently became the first Black woman to chair the Newfields board of trustees and is leading efforts to make the institution more diverse and inclusive. And Lesley Bonilla Muniz delves into the controversy at the Indianapolis Public Library over allegations that the work environment is laced with racism and discrimination.

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Letter: Law change affects youth employment

Starting July 1, employers who hire five or more minor employees (under age 18), per location, must register those employees in the new Youth Employment System, or YES for short. Schools will no longer be responsible for tracking and reporting minor employee data. That responsibility will rest with the employer.

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