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JUNE 21-27, 2010

This week, read about growth plans at the bustling Mount Comfort Airport and find out the latest on Junior Achievement's changing real estate strategy. In Indiana 100, see how the state's 50 largest public companies and 50 biggest private firms fared in 2009.  And check out our own Jersey boy Lou Harry's take on the touring Broadway musical "Jersey Boys."

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Braly’s political skirmishes hurting insurer, critics say

When WellPoint Inc. named Angela Braly its CEO three years ago, it touted her experience dealing with politicians and government
regulators. But WellPoint is now the poster child for health insurer bad behavior—credited in Washington with reviving a
dead health reform bill the company opposed.

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City takes risk with debt-laden IT-overhaul pick

To spearhead a once-in-a-generation overhaul of local government’s antiquated back-office computer system, Mayor Greg Ballard
has chosen an unprofitable software firm that as recently as March 31 warned investors that debt-refinancing issues could
force it out of business.

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IPL mulling hydroelectric power on Ohio River

Expecting to be burned by greenhouse gas legislation that will make electricity generated from coal costly, Indianapolis Power
& Light is studying whether to buy power from two hydroelectric projects proposed for the Ohio River, near Evansville.

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Mount Comfort Airport revs up growth plans

For the six general aviation airports that ring Indianapolis, landing business jets is like finding silver dollars in a bucket
of pennies. Though relatively few compared with the number of piston-engine planes, jets consume three times as much fuel
at the area's small airports.

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IU grads carve Greek-based niche in news

What started with a casual meeting between two Indiana University students in a business class in 2008 has grown into an operation
with projected revenue of $2 million this year. Despite long odds and little capital, Evan Burns and Adrian France launched
a weekly print newspaper at IU last September.

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Promising ethanol yeast nears market launch

A firm that may have developed a breakthrough yeast for ethanol production has landed new investment and high-octane board
members. Two-year-old Xylogenics Inc. also says it plans to license its first bioengineered yeast later this year.

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Environmentalists contributed to spill

[In response to Bruce Hetrick’s June 14 column] Those that are calling for more government involvement in response
to the BP oil spill are not those who typically call for “less government.

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John Wooden column was a favorite

John Wooden has been my idol and will
continue to be someone I strive to be for as long as I am breathing. I know that I am not the only one who feels this way.

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Big Ten considering name change

With the addition of the University of Nebraska, the Big Ten logo is likely to change. Conference officials are seriously
considering a new name for the conference.

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Indiana moves up in med tech rankings

Medical technology companies employed 19,950 Hoosiers in 2007 and supported another 35,000 jobs in supplier companies, according
to an analysis funded by an industry trade group.

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