Indianapolis Business Journal

MARCH 14-20, 2011

This week, see what recreation chain Family Leisure is doing to build its new identity after a name change and find out how the Eagle's Nest is soaring above other similar eateries. In Focus, community banks are preparing to navigate a sea of red tape. And in Forefront,  observers weigh in on whether Mitch Daniels should run for president. Plus, check out our annual Golf & Travel Guide.

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Marcus is naive

Reading the [Feb. 28] column by Morton Marcus was akin to reading the Sunday morning comics.

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Krull column was out of line

[Columnist] John Krull, in an attempt [in the Feb. 28 Forefront] to slam U.S. Rep. Mike Pence [R-Indiana] and State Sen. Mike Delph [R-Carmel], used a very flawed premise.

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Forefront one-sided

I was disappointed and frankly astounded at the incredible lack of balance and clear anti-Republican, anti-conservative message delivered in the Feb. 28 Forefront.

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Indiana must limit immigration

It always amazes me that the obvious results of exporting jobs, importing workers and engaging in other forms of labor and environmental arbitrage are a mystery to newspaper editorialists and many of our so-called public leaders.

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State should go smoke-free

Less than a month ago, it seemed almost certain that Indiana would join the ranks of two dozen other states and the District of Columbia—including our neighbors Illinois, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin—in enacting a statewide, comprehensive smoke-free-air law.

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