Indianapolis Business Journal

MARCH 18-24, 2013

This week, find out why the sport of distance running is accelerating and read about HHGregg's new survival strategy. In Focus, meet the entrepreneurs at the helm of three promising startups. And in A&E, see what we thought of local restaurateur Greg Hardesty's Room Four.

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Indiana tech startups deemed seeds of promise

There’s the company founded by a college kid, in his dorm room. Another firm was launched by a guru from the shadowy world of cyber security. And the other was founded by tech veterans old enough to remember IBM punch cards. Three Indiana tech companies have surfaced among standouts in the notes of judges for TechPoint’s annual Mira Awards—the Hoosier tech version of the Oscars.

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EDITORIAL: Save the archives

State lawmakers are understandably preoccupied with big issues like jobs and education, but before the session ends, they should attack another problem that has nearly been forgotten.

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MAURER: Prepare for great new Knight book

Warren Buffett, chairman of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., in his shareholder letter of March 1, 2013, took a page out of Bob Knight’s new book “The Power of Negative Thinking,” a twist on the best-selling treatise of yore by Norman Vincent Peale.

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Drug testing downside

Sheila Suess Kennedy hit the nail on the head with her [March 11] column on drug testing for welfare recipients.

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Ulterior motive at WFYI?

If National Public Radio [March 4] really wanted to draw more people to the terrestrial radio station, and maybe WFYI’s website, the billboard message would read, for example, “Poetry-writing mechanics listen to NPR on 90.1 FM, WFYI.

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