Indianapolis Business Journal

NOV. 16-22, 2018

One of central Indiana’s oldest public companies—a trucking insurer long known as Baldwin & Lyons before its recent name change—has skidded into red ink and pursuing “potential strategic partnerships or transactions.” That’s often shorthand for a company putting itself up for sale, Susan Orr reports. Also in this issue, Anthony Schoettle examines how the city's most popular local radio stations tread the line between embracing deep-pocketed baby boomers while trying to entice a younger audience. And in the latest issue of IBJ’s Forefront magazine, our columnists weigh in on the toxicity of today’s political debate.

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Amazon bypasses Indy for massive logistics hub in Tennessee

Indianapolis is known as the Crossroads of America, but a site-selection expert said Amazon didn’t tell local officials that it was considering creating a 5,000-worker logistics and operations hub. Amazon has picked Nashville, Tennessee, for the hub, which will be the largest economic development deal in the state’s history.

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Favorable weather helps push up profit at IPL

Operating income climbed 16 percent for the first nine months of the year at IPALCO Enterprises, the holding company for Indianapolis Power & Light Co. IPALCO had operating income in the period of $155.9 million, compared with $133.8 million a year ago. Revenue was $1.1 billion, up 8 percent. The company attributed the increase to higher retail margins due to […]

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Hotter climate likely to hurt tourism in Indiana, study says

Attendance at outdoor summer concerts, like this one sponsored by Noblesville Main Street, could suffer because of higher temperatures. (IBJ file photo) Indiana’s rising temperatures could affect summer tourism, with the prospect of hot, sticky, summer days making outdoor activities uncomfortable and warmer temperatures limiting many winter activities, according to a Purdue University study. That […]

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Dennis Sasso: On patriotism, religion, culture—and humanism

It is the documents and values that inspired and shaped American democracy—the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, the advocacy of civil rights and the ongoing vigilance to preserve and enhance our constitutional rights of equality and freedom—that I treasure.

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Canal playground violates public trust

Regarding Indy Parks’ recent ribbon-cutting on the destructive, intrusive canal playground boondoggle, it looks like the Hogsett administration has even named it after the Colts—the “Colts Canal Playspace.” We might have expected this kind of thing from [former Mayor] Greg Ballard’s trademark inside-game administration, but not from a Democratic administration—one which so emphatically portrays itself […]

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