Ball State-birthed musical aims for Broadway

If the team behind “The Circus in Winter” has its way (and if enough money can be raised and script kinks worked out), the Ball State University-incubated musical might be the first Tony award winner conceived as a collaborative class project.

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Devotion to arts, education earns Rollin Dick 2014 Carroll Award

Rollin Dick’s old-school pocket calendar is crowded with meetings for the various not-for-profit educational and artistic boards on which he sits, along with start times for the plays, musicals and concerts he attends at venues ranging from the Indiana Repertory Theatre to the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra to the Center for the Performing Arts in Carmel.

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New Heartland prez wants to add staff, national sponsors

There are big things in the wings for Heartland Truly Moving Pictures, which this month elevated COO Stuart Lowry from supporting player to headliner. Coming attractions include new sponsor deals, expanded programming and, potentially, a bigger staff.

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