Indianapolis Business Journal

APRIL 5-11, 2019

This week, Anthony Schoettle explores the possible repercussions of radio station owner Cumulus Media buying three more stations in the Indianapolis area, giving it six total and the reach to challenge locally based Emmis Communications. Samm Quinn examines complaints from residents of Fishers that the fast-growing city is growing too fast and losing its homespun charm—a train of thought that mayoral candidate Logan Day has decided to ride. And in Indianapolis, Republican mayoral candidate Jim Merritt is using potholes to attack Mayor Joe Hogsett as he tries to paint the incumbent as out of touch with everyday residents.

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Farmers fretting over market conditions

Researchers learned that many farmers are carrying larger loans than a year ago, and one in five of them said it was the result of carrying over a previous year’s unpaid operating debt.

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Sheila Suess Kennedy: Connecting the dots between gerrymandering, potholes

Few of us who live in Indianapolis recognize the connection between Indiana’s gerrymandered legislative districts and the thousands of potholes we dodge every spring, or the fiscal shortchanging of urban schools, or the Legislature’s refusal to pass comprehensive bias crimes legislation, or our lawmakers’ seeming fixation on women’s reproductive decisions.

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Letter: A societal oddity

Isn’t it ironic that South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg qualifies to be president of the United States but couldn’t be employed as a counselor at Roncalli High School?

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Letter: Writer misunderstood Indiana Forest Alliance

Mr. Moistner calls the Indiana Forest Alliance a “conflict industry” that only exists to fight. Actually, the IFA and the Indiana Hardwood Lumbermen’s Association began a dialogue in good faith; while we still disagree on some matters, we agree on others.

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