Indianapolis Business Journal

JAN. 8-14, 2021

The push to stage all of March Madness in the Indy area will be a herculean effort involving city and state officials, tourism and civic leaders, national broadcasters and likely thousands of volunteers. Mickey Shuey has the highlights and fine details from the still-evolving to-do list on the (likely) giant whiteboard at the effort’s headquarters. Also in this week’s issue, John Russell examines the lukewarm reception for Eli Lilly and Co.’s revolutionary antibody treatment for COVID-19. And Kurt Christian outlines the aggressive plans of Culver’s super-franchisee Jeff Meyer of Noblesville as he stakes out his new company headquarters and readies for 10 more locations.

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Editorial: Holcomb got it right, so let his veto stand

It’s disappointing that a Republican-controlled Legislature passed a bill that would preempt local control of something as community based as landlord/tenant regulations. But lawmakers did it and we don’t think they should override the governor’s veto of the bill.

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Letter: Leave law enforcement to the police

From first grade to 12th grade, law enforcement officers came to our schools and stated: “Never take law enforcement into your own hands.” That’s what homeowner groups are doing with license plate cameras.

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