Indianapolis Business Journal

JULY 23-29, 2021

Indianapolis-based Kite Realty Group Trust is on track to become one of the country’s largest retail real estate investment trusts with the acquisition of a Chicago-based competitor. Mickey Shuey explains how the deal could give Kite new leverage for loans, lease negotiations and redevelopment opportunities. John Russell takes us inside the city’s newest publicly traded company, Point Biopharma, which is developing radioactive compounds to treat cancer patients. And Emily Ketterer explains how lawmakers and citizens groups are preparing for the state’s highly contentious redistricting process, which typically leads to accusations of gerrymandering.

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Jeffrey Dukes & John Ketzenberger: Climate change solutions can be grown in Indiana

The groundswell of support for climate action can also be felt here in Indiana: More than half of Hoosiers now understand that human activity is a major cause of climate change, and nearly two in three registered voters say the state should play a major role in fighting it, according to recent polling conducted by The Nature Conservancy in Indiana.

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Letter: Public access violations must be reported

Most of the time it seems that average citizens, rather than corporations, are the parties most often on the receiving end of agency misfeasance or malfeasance in failing to comply with the two primary public access statutes.

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Letter: Diversity important in health care

Part of the disparity in health outcomes is attributable to how people of color are treated by white practitioners vs. practitioners of color, even when the practitioners are “equally” skilled.

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