Indianapolis Business Journal

JUNE 29-JULY 5, 2015

It’s hard to play in Big Business without running into big egos. Anthem Inc.’s proposed $47 million buyout of Cigna Corp. is a strong example of a deal that makes financial sense getting hung up by issues of executive ego and turf, J.K. Wall reports. Also in this issue, Lindsey Erdody details a possible solution to the traffic nightmare at Keystone and 96th Street. And in A&E Etc., Lou Harry reviews St. Joseph Brewery & Public House at 540 N. College Ave.

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Familiar culprit holds up Anthem-Cigna merger

Anthem Inc.’s proposed $47 billion buyout of Cigna Corp. is the latest example of corporate deals that get hung up over executive egos and turf battles. For example, Anthem CEO Joe Swedish wants to lead the merged firm, to the chagrin of Cigna’s CEO.

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Maurer’s faith in science misplaced

I read Michael Maurer’s columns occasionally when he pontificates about the age of the Earth, Noah and the foolishness of men walking with dinosaurs. His faith in science is amazing.

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