Indianapolis Business Journal

MAY 10-16, 2019

Steak n Shake has been a mainstay in Indianapolis and the Midwest for many decades, but recent results at the burger chain are not encouraging. It’s operating at a loss and customer traffic counts are in a tailspin. Greg Andrews examines the signs that Steak n Shake is slipping into dangerous territory. Also in this week’s issue, Mickey Shuey investigates NBC’s plans for broadcasting the Indy 500 in its first year televising the IndyCar Series. And Lindsey Erdody examines why state legislators decided not to fund the groundbreaking Regional Cities Initiative, despite encouraging results from its first few years.

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Letter: Sen. Young on right side of tobacco fight

Studies show that 95% of tobacco users start before they are 21. By raising the minimum legal sales age for all tobacco products to 21 nationwide we will reduce tobacco use, nicotine addiction and tobacco-related disease and death.

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Letter: Varvel should stick with cartoons

To criticize Taylor University students and alumni for opposing Mike Pence’s invitation as a commencement speaker, saying that he might expect this from students at a secular college but not from Taylor students, is the ultimate in gross absurdity.

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Letter: A welcome defense of Mike Pence

As a Taylor alumni and the author of The Faith of Mike Pence, I wrote Taylor’s president a letter and encouraged him to consider the vice president’s consistent 41-year walk with the Lord, his faithful, non-wavering biblical stances in politics, and the testimonies and stories of almost 60 people I interviewed for the book, and to dismiss the gossip, lies and slander that have been perpetrated by the enemy against our vice president.

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Letter: Todd Young defends American principles

As though the Green New Deal isn’t ridiculous enough, inserting socialist policies like Medicare for All and guaranteed income into the proposal is a transparent and appalling intent to destroy the foundation of America as envisioned by our Founding Fathers and embodied in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

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