Indianapolis Business Journal

APRIL 26-MAY 2, 2019

Some of the city’s biggest hoteliers are opposed to development of two Hiltons with more than 1,400 rooms on Pan Am Plaza, saying it would create a glut of lodging in the market. Greg Andrews reports that city officials say they are still committed to working toward a deal with the developer. Also in this week’s issue, Hayleigh Colombo reports that Champion drag racer Larry Dixon of Avon has filed a federal antitrust lawsuit against the National Hot Rod Association, alleging the California-based organization—which owns Lucas Oil Raceway in Brownsburg—wrongfully suspended and blacklisted him in 2017. And John Russell explains how Eli Lilly and Co. is donating part of its sprawling campus downtown to the city for use as a public park.

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What to do when you visit the Indiana Dunes

The Indiana Dunes—the national park, state park and surrounding areas—offer a variety of outdoor experiences, including swimming, bird watching, biking, hiking, fishing and camping. Outside the Dunes, Porter County also offers unique experiences.

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How airlines expect innovation to change the way you fly

Commercial flying may have lost its mythical appeal from the bygone jet age but aerospace companies are nevertheless busy trying to improve the passenger experience on board an aircraft. In the hyper-competitive world of aviation, more comfort in the cabin can be a major selling point for airlines, and cabin amenities (or the lack thereof) […]

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Editorial: Lawmakers made right call in fully funding 21 Fund

The 21 Fund’s purpose has meandered a bit since it was created in 1999, but it always has been dedicated in some way to encouraging research, technology and innovation. And that investment is key to maintaining the state’s efforts to create a vibrant tech community.

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Tim Day: Crossroads of tech, behind Indiana’s innovation boom

At the U.S. Chamber, we’re increasingly looking to host forums in some of the most forward-leaning and innovative cities in the nation. Partnering with Indiana IT Councils, local chambers and tech companies, our event explored the opportunities and challenges innovators in Indiana and across America are facing.

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Gloria Sachdev: Hoosier hospitals owe us greater price transparency

Indiana hospital prices are not sustainable. They are compromising the ability of businesses to compete in a global economy, harming the ability of municipalities to adequately provide services for their citizens, and preventing employees from having funds to spend on other aspects of their lives.

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Mandy Haskett: Data alone won’t solve hiring, retention challenges

All business problems lead back to people problems. And while people data can be a catalyst for individual and organizational change, data alone is not enough. Lead with data, then let that be the springboard that clarifies where you ought to focus. People data is the starting line, not the silver bullet.

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Letter: Hygiene tax break is humorous at best

Why favor gender when today’s world demands “equality”? All genders and ages need items that are “simply necessary to personal hygiene.” Soap, deodorant, shampoo, water I would argue are necessary to personal hygiene.

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Letter: Have compassion for former inmates

It is time to end the war on crime and drugs. As a first step, we need to change how we think of those coming home from prison and jail. Few of our citizens returning to the community from prison are immoral, malicious and unredeemable.

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