Indianapolis Business Journal

JUNE 29-JULY 5, 2018

At least 32 people with strong ties to Indiana, either through a professional career or personal connections, are currently serving in the Trump/Pence administration. Lindsey Erdody takes roll call for the Hoosiers shaping policy on the federal level. Also in this week issue, Hayleigh Colombo continues her series on poverty in Indianapolis, focusing on neighborhoods trying to generate revivals from within for fear that outside interests will gentrify their areas. And in Focus, Scott Olson sends dispatches from the Indy area’s wild, high demand/low inventory housing market.

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Local firms bristle at Supreme Court sales tax ruling

The ruling allowing states to require retailers to collect sales taxes from online customers could mean millions of dollars of tax revenue. But a number of Hoosier companies say the ruling creates more questions than answers—and could lay a heavy burden on some small businesses.

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Amber Van Til: Credit unions should pay their fair share

When Congress passed the Federal Credit Union Act of 1934, it mandated that credit unions serve “persons of small means,” defined by common bonds, such as working for the same employer or living within specific geographic boundaries. Because of this mission, credit unions were granted federal tax exemption.

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Letter: Pass Senate farm bill

The House farm bill that failed to pass was riddled with reckless environmental rollbacks intended to promote logging on our national forests.

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