Indianapolis Business Journal

May 15-21, 2020

In this week's issue, Mickey Shuey takes a deep dive into the debt problems facing Indianapolis-area hotels in the wake of the COVID-19 devastation. The issue also explores the refinancing boom spurred by low interest rates and the outlook for gyms as they prepare to reopen. With sporting events still shutdown, columnist Mike Lopresti looks back at some classic games involving Indiana teams and imagines new endings.

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The car is staging a comeback, spurring oil’s recovery

James Li, a public relations account director, would rather spend an hour sitting in Beijing traffic than risk 30 minutes exposed to crowds on a train. “Traffic is as bad as it could be” but the subway is still too dicey, he said. In Frankfurt, real estate assistant Anna Pawliczek is driving to work for […]

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HKW buys maker of PPE for $36M

Indianapolis-based private equity firm Hammond Kennedy Whitney & Co. Inc. has acquired a majority interest in Infab LLC, a California-based maker of personal protective equipment for health care.

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