Indianapolis Business Journal

OCT. 2-8, 2020

While much of Indiana’s hospitality sector has struggled during the pandemic, another pillar of the state’s economy has been able to remain on its feet. Designated as essential businesses, most manufacturers have been able to remain in operation throughout the pandemic. Susan Orr explains why some local companies say the industry already was in a good position to handle the crisis. Also in this week’s issue, John Russell explores why the long-simmering dispute between Eli Lilly and Co. and safety-net hospitals across the nation over the price of prescription drugs has reached a boiling point. And Samm Quinn brings us up to date on the celebrations for Indianapolis’ bicentennial, which are under way with plenty of opportunities for residents to safely engage.

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LETTER: HHC nursing home patients deserve better than C-grade care

A Sept. 4 IBJ letter to the editor from Messrs. Kleiman, Pelizzari, Smith and Thompson defending the leadership of Matt Gutwein of Indianapolis Health & Hospital Corp. in relation to its nursing centers deserves scrutiny. Firstly, I want to acknowledge the authors for their non-profit volunteer service in making Indianapolis a better community. Nonetheless, they […]

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LETTER: Death isn’t only COVID measure that matters

While differing opinions exist regarding how to manage the COVID pandemic, some facts are indisputable. This illness is serious, has major societal consequences, and should not be minimized. A recent IBJ column argued otherwise, triggering this rebuttal. Let’s start where we agree. It is likely that, with significant intervention, schools can operate safely. This still […]

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LETTER: Against Trump, and not a blind partisan

I wish I were a Republican so that my views about Mr. Trump would not be dismissed as resulting from blind partisanship. Potential perceived partisanship is the weight on my shoulders which cannot be removed. I wonder if my Republican, pro-McCarthy grandmother thought my Republican mother was a Democrat partisan when my mother argued that […]

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LETTER: Consumers benefit when credit unions buy banks

Lucas White’s Viewpoint column [Credit unions have unfair advantage over banks, Sept. 4] complained about instances where community banks have chosen to sell their assets to credit unions. It is nothing new for banks to want to limit options in the marketplace regarding credit unions because constraining credit union growth would reduce competition, and increase […]

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