Indianapolis Business Journal

OCTOBER 3-9, 2016

Mayor Joe Hogsett’s administration is mounting a controversial effort to expand the downtown tax-increment-financing district to help spur development in two areas that city officials believe are ripe for growth. Scott Olson has the details. Also in this week’s issue, Hayleigh Colombo explain how the Indianapolis Public Schools district plans to change the way its finances schools to better match money to individual student needs. And in A&E Etc., Lou Harry reviews Firebirds Wood Fired Grill.

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Downtown TIF expansion in works

Mayor Joe Hogsett’s administration is targeting the former General Motors stamping plant site on the west side, where development plans have stalled, and the upstart Market East District on the opposite end of downtown.

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NCAA shakes up ad strategy

The NCAA for the first time this year debuted an ad campaign in the fall rather than during the Final Four basketball tourney. The NCAA has also turned to celebrity endorsers.

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Shareholders of Republic Airways flex muscle in bankruptcy

Two hedge funds that own a quarter of the stock argue the Indianapolis-based carrier, which flies commuter routes on contract for the nation’s biggest airlines, really wasn’t insolvent when the company filed for bankruptcy—a move that gave it the leverage to negotiate much more favorable pacts with Delta, United and American. And with those deals now sealed, the outlook is even brighter.

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Columnist unfairly attacked UIndy student for activism

Arab and Muslim college student activists are under attack. If they show solidarity with the people of Palestine and call for an end to the Israeli occupation, their activities are scrutinized and they are harassed. Across the country, these student activists have been called “terrorists” or “anti-Semitic” for their criticism of Israel. In Indianapolis, our […]

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Pedal pubs don’t need more regulations

Is there some sort of huge problem with “pedal pubs” [City councilors seek restrictions on booze-cruising pedal pubs,, Sept. 22]? We have two pedal pubs in Marion County and they have been operating for several years now. Both businesses have liability insurance out the wazoo. Where is the huge problem that is being solved […]

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