MAURER: Here’s some off-the-wall advice for unemployed

As an old-timer, I am honored when asked for business advice. Because so much of the labor force has been idled,
recent inquiries have come from Hoosiers with resumes in hand. I am afraid my usual advice isn’t working, so I have
some new ideas—new opportunities to investigate in the face of this job crisis.

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MAURER: Can you puzzle out My Word?

I recently welcomed a special guest to “Mickey’s Corner”—Will Shortz, the crossword editor of The
New York Times
and the riddle maven we love to listen to every Sunday morning on
National Public Radio. In order to engage this creative genius, I conceived a challenge that I present to
you now: a two-part game called My Word.

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GUY: What price company leadership?

The folks who control executive compensation are often executives themselves. Boards must realize that their self-dealing,
self-benefiting ways are grossly out of line with the true value of one’s contribution to a business and society.

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