Indianapolis Business Journal

FEB. 5-11, 2021

After three decades chasing an effective treatment for Alzheimer’s disease but with little to show for it, Eli Lilly and Co. has announced a potential breakthrough with a drug that slowed mental decline in patients in a small trial. John Russell examines Lilly’s past failures and why the new drug offers hope. Also in this week’s issue, Mickey Shuey reports on the efforts of a wide ranging task force of local groups to clean up downtown, spark public art projects and otherwise beautify the city in time the for intense media glare of March Madness. And Susan Orr reports on the explosive growth of Peterman Cooling Heating and Plumbing, aided by its development of an innovative academy for technician training.

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Letter: Support legislation to cut emissions

Upon implementation, carbon emissions would drop by 40% over 12 years, while creating more than 2 million jobs, adding $70-plus billion to our GDP and providing a monthly dividend to all U.S. households—all without introducing a single new regulation.

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