Indianapolis Business Journal

JUNE 17-23, 2022

Indiana tourism officials are betting big on efforts to bring more visitors to the state, in part with a public campaign that they hope will spur a significant funding increase from the General Assembly next year. Mickey Shuey outlines the $5.6 million campaign they’re calling “IN Indiana.” Also in this week’s issue, John Russell reports that Eli Lilly and Co. is defending itself against a lawsuit charging that it mismanaged its $8.2 billion 401(k) plan, resulting in excessive fees for employees. And Daniel Bradley outlines Westfield’s plans for the $190 million Grand Millennium Center, which will include a library, event center, medical facility and hotel.

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Letters: Indiana chased out electronics industry

Indiana used to have six semiconductor [fabrication plants]. But for some unknown reason, our politicians (Republican and Democrat, city and state, past and present) as well as their respective economic development officials said that they did not want to support our electronics industry with its semiconductor fabs.

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