Indianapolis Business Journal

MARCH 9-15, 2018

The recruiting scandal roiling men’s college basketball is sure to cast a cloud over the NCAA tournament—a cash cow that brings in hundreds of millions of dollars annually to the Indianapolis-based not-for-profit. Scott Olson examines the potential ramifications. Also in this week’s issue, Lindsey Erdody details how Carmel philanthropists and sisters Deborah Simon and Cindy Simon Skjodt have become big-time campaign donors on the national level in this election cycle. And Hayleigh Colombo reports that the Hogsett administration and City-County Council are weighing whether to kill a little-known organization that has quietly worked the past two decades on the redevelopment of key downtown projects.

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Cocktails the pros swear by

Top Indy bartenders didn't don’t merely follow recipes and serve drinks. They savor the complex interplay among ingredients and have strong opinions about what makes a great cocktail.

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