Indianapolis Business Journal

MAY 3-9, 2019

Lindsey Erdody explains all of the ways gambling could change in Indiana after a seismic legislative session, including how you could bet on sports. Also in this week’s issue, Samm Quinn details the latest battle in Zionsville over proposed development downtown. This $40 million project is inspiring familiar opposition from a lot of the same folks who have fought previous proposals. But this one might have more momentum than the rest. And Anthony Schoettle reports that many companies are experiencing sticker shock from subscription software.

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Q&A: 120WaterAudit eyes big growth after pivot

Megan Glover started 120WaterAudit in 2016 with the idea of targeting residential consumers nationwide with a water-testing kit that cost $120 every four months. But the company has pivoted to work largely with municipal water utilities and governments.

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Holladay Properties is more than just AmeriPlex

Beyond the 1,500-acre industrial park near Indianapolis International Airport, the developer has launched a broad range of residential and commercial projects in Marion and Hamilton counties, from the redevelopment of the Milano Inn site downtown to the Grand Park Events Center in Westfield.

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Lugar’s less-partisan approach should guide public discourse

Richard Lugar, the former mayor of Indianapolis and six-term U.S. senator who died April 28, set so many good examples for us to follow that it’s impossible to address them all in one place. But we hope the tributes and recollections that have poured forth since his passing impart some lessons that will stick. Lugar […]

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Sheri Fella: Growing leadership like we grow a garden

Ground-making takes courage, vulnerability and commitment. It is hard work in messy spaces. I was reminded of just how messy during my 2-1/2-day experience with Brene Brown, a social work researcher who speaks and writes about vulnerability and shame.

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