Indianapolis Business Journal

NOV. 13-19, 2020

Across Indiana, the number of patients hospitalized with COVID-19 has been swelling like a flooding river, threatening to swamp stressed-out staffs and raising alarms about the capacity of local health care systems. John Russell examines how hospitals are handling the COVID-19 surge as it threatens to become an onslaught. Also in this week’s issue, we take a deep dive into Hamilton County, which remained a Republican stronghold in an election many experts believed would show a tilt to the left and produce wins for Democrats. Lindsey Erdody reports that President Trump and a combination of developments specific to 2020 blocked any chances of a blue wave. And Susan Orr forecasts a chilly reception for IndyGo when it reports to the Indiana Legislature on its underwhelming efforts to raise private money to help fund a major expansion of the transit system.

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Letter: Troops defend democracy at home and abroad

Throughout our nation’s history, we have served as an example to other countries seeking the kind of freedoms that we, as Americans, too often take for granted. Veterans, more than anyone else, have made the sacrifices for such freedoms.

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