Indianapolis Business Journal

SEPT. 25-OCT. 1

In this week's issue of IBJ, Mickey Shuey reports that local officials led by the Indiana Sports Corp. are betting big on the city's continued success as a sports city by submitting dozens of bids to host championship level sports events. Greg Andrews explores the major steps that Muncie-based First Merchants Bank is taking to settle investigations that it engaged in redlining majority-Black Indianapolis census tracts. And Lindsey Erdody features in-depth discussions with Republican Todd Rokita and Democrat Jonathan Weinzapfel, the major party contenders for Indiana’s attorney general.

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Editorial: County’s health department has bungled attendance limits

We don’t begrudge the health department for setting limits. Big crowds can fan the spread of the coronavirus, and many NFL and USL Championship teams aren’t permitting any fans to attend. But the sudden shifts fuel a perception that health officials are pulling numbers out of a hat, rather than making carefully thought-out judgments.

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