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SEPTEMBER 24-30, 2012

This week, find out what Ivy Tech Community College is doing to reverse an enrollment dip and read about the growth plans being concocted at craft brewer Sun King. In Focus, explore plans to overhaul the city's zoning codes. And in the Meeting & Event Planning Guide, see what tourism leaders are doing to fill the FFA gap.

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Stakes high as Colts try to renew club seats

At the conclusion of this season, five-year contracts for many of Lucas Oil Stadium’s 7,100 club seats expire. Other club seats on shorter contracts also expire, pushing the total up for renewal to about two-thirds of club seat capacity.

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Noble Roman’s takes on take-and-bake format

Noble Roman’s Inc. has baked up an idea to expand its franchising opportunities nationwide and dramatically increase revenue. The Indianapolis-based pizza company is rolling out plans for a stand-alone, take-and-bake concept designed to rival Papa Murphy’s.

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Ivy Tech battles enrollment dip by promoting its lower tuition

This summer, Ivy Tech Community College rolled out a nearly $1 million marketing campaign that stressed the school’s affordability versus other higher education options. The message appears to have hit home. What looked like an impending 15-percent reduction in fall enrollment ended up at just under 5 percent.

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Charity watchdogs at odds with IUPUI professor

IUPUI economics professor Richard Steinberg stands by his philanthropic theory, despite seeing his fundraising principles speared by a charity watchdog group and then by a cable news network. At issue is his belief that charities are justified in spending heavily on fundraising, because doing so positions them for long-term success.

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Sun King brewing another round of growth

After just three years in business, Sun King finds itself the second-largest brewer in Indiana, behind only Three Floyds Brewing Co. in Munster, which produces about 23,000 barrels and also is growing quickly.

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VON DEYLEN: Stay the path toward revitalized Fountain Square

What most people consider Fountain Square is actually a combination of three neighborhoods: Fountain Square, Fletcher Place and Holy Rosary. In 2005, I started working on my first project in this area, and it has changed the direction of my professional path in just about every way possible.

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IBJ Commercial Real Estate Power Breakfast – transcript

A panel conversation with Katie Culp, senior managing director, principal, Cassidy Turley; Mike Higbee, president, DC Development Group; Christie B. Kelley, chief financial officer, executive vice president, Duke Realty Philip; G. Kenney, president, F.A. Wilhelm Construction Co.; Thomas K. McGowan, president and chief operating officer, Kite Realty Group; and Tadd M. Miller, CEO, Milhaus Development LLC.

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EDITORIAL: More Brainard scrutiny overdue

In a former life, Carmel Mayor Jim Brainard was a real estate attorney. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that splashy development projects have been a hallmark of his four terms as mayor.

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KENNEDY: True family-values campaigns

Recently, all eyes have been glued to developments in the presidential race and to Indiana’s campaigns for governor and U.S. senator. We’ve paid less attention to the folks running for seats in the Indiana House and Senate.

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WILLIAMS: Anchor MSA redevelopment with City Hall

Any successful revitalization of the Market Square Arena site demands restoring the former City Hall as the public’s house. City Hall’s decaying grandeur casts a long shadow over the neighboring parking lots created by the implosion of MSA 11 years ago and is probably overwhelming the facile designs associated with redevelopment proposals.

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Brainard, ‘cronies’ should leave

While I agreed with almost every point [Styring, Sept. 17] made, there is one that I must vehemently object to—specifically his statement that “I don’t question the mayor’s honesty or good intentions.”

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Governed by profligates

Plato said, “The penalty good men pay for inattention to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.” In Carmel, [Sept. 17 Styring column] we have chosen commerce over the constitution, the rule of man over the rule of law.

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Getting out the vote

In his [Aug. 27] column, Bruce Hetrick challenged us—the opinion leaders of the Indianapolis community—to do more to encourage voter participation, and he has good reason to be concerned. According to the Indiana Civic Health Index, the Hoosier State ranks 48th in voter turnout and 43rd in voter registration. Some might be disappointed in our ranking, but I see this as a call to action.

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