Indianapolis Business Journal

FEB. 17-23, 2023

This week's issue focuses squarely on the challenges facing downtown. John Russell and Mickey Shuey detail the dichotomies of downtown at its latest crossroads, with more than $9 billion in development either under way or in the pipeline while many office workers choose to work remotely. Mickey Shuey and Taylor Wooten look at the persistent perception that downtown is one of the most dangerous parts of the city and whether the latest crime statistics square with that belief. And Daniel Bradley gets the perspective of people who live downtown—a population that many believe will be vital to downtown’s future success as it transition to more of a residential center.

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Tale of two downtowns: $9B set to be invested in projects, even as business district struggles with recovery

Many parts of downtown are thriving—particularly neighborhoods, where rents are rising, people have to stand in line for a lunch table, and investments are flowing. Other parts—especially downtown’s central core, where many workers might come to the office only once or twice a week—are limping along, pockmarked by vacant storefronts, panhandlers and crumbling sidewalks.

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Five ways the state can help downtown

While the state and the city have come together on major downtown projects over the years, there’s sometimes tension between what Indianapolis officials would like to see from the state and how the state views its responsibility to the capital city.

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