Indianapolis Business Journal

JAN. 28-FEB. 3, 2022

Remote work is here to stay, and Indiana might capitalize on it by paying remote workers to move here. Emily Ketterer reports that state lawmakers are considering paying new residents who do remote work up to $15,000 in grants over three years. Also in this week’s issue, Leslie Bonilla Muñiz examines the prospects for redeveloping downtown’s Jail II and Arrestee Processing Center facilities. And Susan Orr examines the latest trend in the war to hire new talent: acquiring your competitors.

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Letter: Kudos to two women for College Football Playoff success

Three years ago, Susan Baughman left Indiana Sports Corp. after 22 years to be the president of the 2022 Indy College Football Playoff Inc. and Melissa Caito left ISC to raise the funds for not only the football championship, but also the future basketball events in Indianapolis.

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